Flight Instruments

$147.00 AUD

This customized microsoft excel spreadsheet has been designed to give the chiropractor a real time update of how their practice is tracking.

  • Patient Visits
  • New Patients (NP)
  • Report of Findings (ROF)
  • Conversion from NP to ROF
  • Conversion ROF to starting care
  • Where you are attracting your NP's from
  • Collections/received
  • Missed appointments and re-scheduled appointments
  • How is your next month looking at people being booked in?

All data you input is than automatically placed into graphs for you to manage from there.

Flight Instruments V1.9 2017

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I will not hold Chiropractic Flight School (CFS) or it employees responsible for any liability in using this spreadsheet.

I understand that I it is my responsibility to have a license to use Microsoft Excel.

I understand that I may use Flight Instruments for my clinic but may not distribute it outside of my clinic. Should I operate multiple clinics I will contact CFS to arrange a group discount.

I understand that CFS offers no support for the interpretation and data entry outside of CFS coaching and online videos.

I understand that should I require an updated version of Flight Instrument I will purchase a new edition.