Just How Many Referral Opportunities Have You Missed This Week?

In reviewing client's systems and procedures we have found that the average single chiropractor clinic could be missing 20-30 referral opportunities each week. It's time to act and turn this trend around.

Join Dr. Craig Foote as he presents a new, improved and extended workshop on 'The Art Of Inspiring Referrals 2.0.'

  • Learn how to identify Referral Mavens and how to leverage them.
  • Learn how to recognise a referral and action it.
  • Learn how to create a referral inspiring environment.
  • Learn how to never "Ask for a referral" ever again!
  • Empower your CA's to become 'Referral Beasts'
  • Bring your referral challenges and Craig will help work through them.

The workshop will run from 1-5pm (12.30pm registration)

Venue is TBA- Central Perth


Bring the team!


About Dr. Craig Foote

Craig is a chiropractor with almost 20 years’ experience. He has one of the most successful practices in Perth Western Australia and has done so over the past 15 years. He is a co-founder of the Nervana Chiropractic Group. He is the founder of Chiropractic Flight School - a coaching service for chiropractors. He is the current President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and has won awards in both business and philanthropic achievements.


"I can't remember a time when I took 6 pages of notes in 2 hours- fantastic content"

Dr. Simon Kelly
Chiropractor (NZ)

"I love how you kept it authentic to you and that you had some great pearls of wisdom to share as well, which I found were easily applicable and not overly difficult to use in practice, that work and create a referral environment!"

Dr. Tom Baker
Chiropractor (NZ)

"Fantastic workshop with plenty of information and experience to take your practice to that next level."

Dr. Michael Stocco
Chiropractor (NZ)

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