Flying Lessons Short Course

Join Dr. Craig Foote in an 8+ hour online short course covering the many different facets of the chiropractic practice.

Topics will include Special Visits, Communication Strategies, Philosophy, Attracting New Patients, The Principal/ Associate relationship, as well as a general fire up from Craig.

All delivered in an educational and entertaining way.


Flying Lessons: Here's what is included...

The online course consists of 8 modules which each has a one hour recorded webinar, with supporting documents and real life video recordings as examples in some cases. The modules are as follows;



In this Craig covers how to deliver a fantastic chiropractic adjustment that not only helps the patient but increases 'compliance' (and so results) and enables the chiropractor to run on time.


In this Craig discusses how to do a consults that not only gives you the information that you require to help the patient but also how to 'knock their socks off' and increase the chance of them staying with you and referring others.


In this module Craig covers how to deliver an excellent examination which gives the chiropractor essential information AND the patient increased confidence that they are in the right place seeing the right person.


In this Craig discusses how to do a deal with commonplace communication issues that arise in a chiropractic practice.


In this module Craig covers how to deliver a report of findings that is easily understood by the patient and makes clear agreements for the relationship going forward.


In this Craig discusses how to recognise other's values quickly, and learn to speak to them to get your message across. He also looks at the Principal - Associate relationship and how to increase the chances of all parties being happy.


In this module Craig covers how he and his team successfully attract new patients to their practice should they require it without advertising.


In this Craig presents on ways to share the chiropractic paradigm with the lay person. He also shares some case studies about what happens when people understand what we already know. 

Who would benefit from “Flying Lessons?”

Flying Lessons would be perfect for someone who;

  • Is perhaps a newer chiropractor that wants some basics and a general fire up.
  • Is a chiropractor that is quite sick of the negative conversations being had in the general community and wants something a lot more positive and constructive.
  • Wants a refresher on communication by someone who doesn't just has theories- but does what he says.
  • Wants to see if Chiropractic Flight School (Dr. Craig Foote) was the right fit for them to then go on and do one on one coaching with.
  • Have had coaching before and is wanting a fresh approach
  • Is not after a 'Get rich quick' approach- rather wanting to improve the way they do things 'within' their practice.
  • Was wanting this year to be their best year yet!
  • Has an associate that is in need of some additional training to get them to progress with their practice.

Who is Dr. Craig Foote?

A chiropractor of almost 20 years experience having practiced in Perth his whole career. He is a co-founder of the Nervana Chiropractic Group which has 5 clinics throughout Perth. He has won a ’40-under-40’ award for business success and philanthropic endeavors. He has been on the board of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation since 2011 and the President since 2015. Craig and his wife Cath, have won ‘Business of the Year’ awards for multiple clinics. From a coaching background, Craig’s coaching has grown out of his being coached through Carter Universal in his early days. Craig soon went to becoming a coach with Carter Universal and then started Chiropractic Flight School seeing there was a need to bring together old school accountability coaching and new technology and innovation. Craig’s most common saying is “I’m here to help- not here to please” and his coaching is reflective of this. He has successfully coached some of our professions leaders and is known to be both a straight shooter and a teddy bear depending on what is required.

Craig’s one-on-one coaching is tailor-made depending on the needs and can range from having an accountability coach or a sounding board.

"The Flying Lessons webinar series with Dr. Craig Foote has completely revamped my clinical skills and confidence in all aspects of practice. The webinar series has been a game changer for me. From handy tips with regular office visits to structured procedures in initial consultations, examinations and report of findings visits, there is plenty to get out of the webinar series. Craig was also great at presenting all the content. I would highly recommend this webinar series to anyone looking to re-energize and upskill their procedures in practice."

Dr. Kristen Sheppard

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Craig in action and having just completed his short course 'Flying Lessons' i can easily see how he is a well respected Chiropractor within his community. I have learnt effective ways to communicate and trouble shoot different issues within practice and have seen these methods support patient outcomes positively. Great content, awesome presenter and well worth the investment."

Dr. Peta Kohunui

"I just completed the flying lessons short course and loved it! I found throughout the whole process that it helped me to see my processes in practice from a different point of view which allowed me to make some necessary changes. So much gold especially in the regular office visit module. Also loved Craig’s style of presenting!"

Dr. Elise Taylor

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