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Everything we teach is based on more than 24 years of experience in running successful practices in the most restrictive country in the world for chiropractors. 

There are no theories and marketing shortcuts here! 


We recognise that what may be done elsewhere can't often be done here in Oz. We don't just Australian-ise US systems and procedures- any systems we teach were created and refined in Australia. We also know that practice has changed since COVID. Craig is still in practice and knows what the challenges you are facing currently.


We are not about big numbers! (although they happen)- rather we are about growth within you as a chiropractor and as a business person.

We also believe the match has to be right and so we have a free discovery call before jumping into coaching.






One-on-one coaching specifically addresses your goals and needs. There is no "one solution fixes all" Craig has over 18 years of experience in coaching and more than 24 years in running successful practices



If you are not yet at the level of wanting to do one-on-one coaching, online modules will be the next best thing. 

We have a range of online modules and products that will give you an edge within your practice- if you apply what you learn that is!



This is where the rubber meets the road! Craig, Cath and their team present on a number of topics that suit chiropractors, and their teams to both increase their communication but also their productivity. 


"Having been coached by Craig for the over 18 months, I would certainly recommend investing in yourself and coaching with him. He is great helping solve issues or challenges that we as chiropractors experience in practice and his solutions have been very helpful. Craig uses statistics, policies and procedures to show you where there are gaps and offers great insight into creating policies, procedures or scripts that are congruent with YOU! He's not a bad bloke either..."

Dr. Tom Baker
Chiropractor- New Zealand

"Craig is an amazing chiropractor with many useful strategies to help you understand the 'why' behind many aspects in practice and has been a great help in developing my communication skills."

Dr Anne Chang
Chiropractor- Australia

"I've only been receiving coaching for about 5 months now, but the difference has been phenomenal. Confidence and certainty all elevated rapidly. Craig has a great way of helping you identify where there is room for growth and how to achieve that growth. Looking forward to the future with this coaching as an invaluable tool in the challenges to come."

Dr. Ben Edwards
Chiropractor- New Zealand

"I found this an awesome educational experience. Our profession will be massive if more people hear this."

Dr. Nick Laurie
Chiropractor- New Zealand

"The 'Art of Inspiring Referrals' was exceptional in both delivery and content. It was well worthwhile to see Dr. Foote's input and analysis of the fine detail and psychology behind referrals and how you deal with the situation is very important for practice growth. Thank you"

Dr. Alan Le
Chiropractor- Australia

"The decision to start coaching with Craig was a big one at the time but I'm so glad I did. Apart from the substantial growth in patient visits (close to a 100% increase), I have found the most benefit in my transition from a 'qualified student' to an up-and-coming chiropractor. When I started I recall Craig mentioning that the goal of coaching was to gain 10 years of experience in only 12 months - which in my time with Craig, he has definitely delivered on."

Dr. Daniel Grey
Chiropractor- Australia

"Craig’s Chiropractic flight school has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that’s helped me navigate the big questions I’ve faced in practice and even made some of the little things that much easier."

Dr. Seamus Murray
Chiropractor- Australia

"Honestly the best decision I have made! Craig offers clarity and insight to really allow you to grow and develop in your own unique way. This shows its results beautifully within your practice."

Dr. Elly Packham
Chiropractor- New Zealand

"Having been coached by Dr. Foote for more than a year through the chiropractic flight school, I can vouch from my own experience on how great it is. As a new graduate there are plenty of hurdles we come across and challenges that can make practice tough at times. Craig helps guide you through this, over looking every aspect of your practice in order to help you move past these barriers and beyond. I am very grateful for the time spent with Craig and would recommend for anyone looking to amp up their practice, join his Flight School."

Dr. Michael Stocco
Chiropractor- New Zealand

"The sign of a good coach is when they figure out where you need help before you know. Thank you Craig for your insight and structure!"

Dr. Alexandra Missak
Chiropractor- Australia

"I attended the Art of Inspiring Referrals in Perth today with Craig and a wonderful group of like-minded people. It was a very fulfilling day and I have learnt heaps of handy tips which are tried and tested to use straight away and bring back to the team next week! I think this is a fabulous course for the whole team to attend and very useful for any practitioner in any stage of their practicing career! Thanks Craig and Cath! - loved it!!"

Dr. Jenny Askwith
Chiropractor- Australia

"Wow, what a day! Clear, concise and challenging! So glad I invested my time, money and energy in this one-day coaching... looking forward to some more... thanks Craig!"

Dr. Jaslin Hood
Chiropractor- Australia

"Craig and Cath were both very generous with their time and expertise in different aspects of running a successful chiropractic clinic. As a team we all came away from the experience feeling we had gained a lot of knowledge on chiropractic, business and most importantly about ourselves. We use a lot of the tools and resources provided by Chiropractic Flight School in our office every day. The video training and library is a handy 24/7 resource."

Dr. Matthew Gooch
Chiropractor- Australia

"I just completed the flying lessons short course and loved it! I found throughout the whole process that it helped me to see my processes in practice from a different point of view which allowed me to make some necessary changes. So much gold especially in the regular office visit module. Also loved Craig’s style of presenting!"

Dr. Elise Taylor

"I first entertained the idea of coaching with Craig because of his heavy involvement in the ASRF and his reputation as a business owner and chiropractic principal. It was during our first call that I realised Craig is one of the most congruent chiropractors and coaches out there. Having previously worked with some wonderful coaches I had high standards set and Craig has met everyone of them. If you are looking for someone who is going to be straight with you about how you run your business, keep you accountable and provide you with a balanced and congruent view on how to manage your practice I would highly recommend Craig and his flight school program. "

Dr. Roelien Van Biljon
Chiropractor- Australia

"My coaching over the last year with Craig has been an incredible journey. My concerns for beginning coaching were that I would be taught the coaches cookbook on how to practice, what to say and how to attain patients without forming my own understanding and independence in practice. Instead Craig has taught me to fully understand my 'why' in practice and how to best communicate this message with patients in order to guide them successfully on their own health journey. I now have a thorough understanding of my values within our profession and how I want to help people and have experienced deeper connections with greater positive impact on patients lives."

Dr. Ben Davidson
Chiropractor- Australia

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