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One on One coaching

Nothing gets you moving like one on one customized coaching. To grow you don't just want answers, you want to be able to see things from a different perspective. We can help with that.

Online Library

We have developed a library that continues to grow that you can access at any time. Want to see talks, consults, examinations, coaching videos, training videos- here it is.

Online Modules

Not keen to go the whole 9 yards but rather after solutions for smaller parts of practice? Chiropractic Flight School has modules available.

In Person Workshops

Want a more intimate workshop where we can troubleshoot your challenges in practice? Join the team in one of their workshops in a city near you.


Chiropractic Flight School Products

CFS is continually adding to their product range designed to help the Chiropractor in practice. Flight Instruments is a statistics tool that gives the chiropractor fast and important information about their practice. Lets make sure your measuring the right things! 

Black Box is a one of a kind way of seeing your practice work in real time. We can see every interaction a patient has in your clinic, and then can give you a series of strategies to improve your practice's performance. Imagine having a coach watching and listening in every part of your practice for a shift- whilst daunting- it's damn effective and invaluable!

Register your interest in a short course with CHIROPRACTIC FLIGHT SCHOOL

Starting in 2018 CFS will offer a short (6-8weeks) online coaching course. If you're overwhelmed by the thought of one-on-one coaching- this is for you!

Just how long are you going to wait to make the change you know that you need to make?

Would you like a free consult 30 minute consult with Dr. Foote to see if coaching with Chiropractic Flight School is the right fit?

"Craig's chiropractic flight school provided the perfect opportunity to refine and further my skills as a chiropractor, especially as a new grad. If your looking to fill in the holes of that bucket to stop clients from falling out of care, this is probably the best next step you could take in helping your practice take off. "

Dr. Michael Stocco
Auckland, NZ

""Craig was an exceptional coach in my formative years in practice. He not only helped in cementing many aspects of my Chiropractic Philosophy, but held me accountable to changes I desired to make in practice, whilst keeping it interesting and up to date. I highly recommend Craig for his brilliant approach to chiropractic coaching and life.""

Dr. Alison Young

"I thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Craig. I found the guidance he provided was specific enough to apply the next day, yet had a clear underlying intention so you could apply it elsewhere. More importantly he was completely approachable and kept it fun!"

Dr. Xanthe Hand
Perth, WA


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