Chiropractic Flight School

Taking you and your practice to new heights.


Chiropractic Flight School Black Box Recorder

Have you ever wondered what your practice looked like through other people’s eyes? Perhaps you would love to se...

$2,995.00 AUD

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Flight Instruments V1.9 2017

Take your practice to new heights with this innovative statistical tool, that automatically graphs your data. Chirop...

$147.00 AUD

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Chiropractic Flight School Library

With over 43 videos an growing Dr. Foote has compiled a library of videos with the chiropractor in mind. Everything ...

$499.00 AUD every year

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Free access to webinar "Planning your 2017"

Dr Craig Foote goes through what he and his team do to prepare their clinics for the year ahead.


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Chiropractic Flight School Coaching

So you're having difficulty in the application of what you are learning, then 1:1 coaching is what you need. CFS has ...

$830.00 AUD every month

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Here's what you will learn to be the best chiropractor you can be.

Discover your healer's headspace

Learn how to think like a great healer.

Create your Captain's Certainty

Increase your certainty in yourself and see what happens to your practice!

Deliver Crystal Clear Communication

Refine your message and deliver it so it is heard.

Obtain greater fulfillment

Success is more than money in the bank, learn how to have your cake AND eat it too.

Learn how to be a Leader

Learn how to attract a great team and keep them!

Create a massive impact in your community

Learn how to become the "Go to" person in your community.