The Top 3 Reasons Why People Hesitate With Getting Coaching, And Why They Shouldn't!

“I can’t afford it.”

My original coach the late Dr James Carter once taught me that we should buy things that make us money and where possible avoid things that cost us money. Business coaching is not an expense when you consider we aim for you to get your ROI within 3 months (for a 12-month plan.) Business coaching is tax deductible AND is focused on getting your business more profitable than it is right now. It is not an expense such as a car or boat that losses value over time.

“I’ve got a lot on. I'm too busy.”

So you’re time-poor. I get it. I’ve got three kids, and a grandchild on the way. I run a practice, a coaching business and up until a couple of years ago ran a Not for Profit. I also love having overseas holidays and having a great time on my boat.
The difference is I’ve streamlined my businesses and life where things are automated and growth comes without stress. I focus on what’s important and less on...

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The Benefits of Having a Chiropractic Coach

To be a successful chiropractor requires continuous growth and professional development. While chiropractors possess extensive knowledge and skills, there are times when having a chiropractic coach can make a significant difference in their practice. A chiropractic coach is a seasoned professional who provides guidance, support, and expertise to help chiropractors enhance their skills, improve outcomes, expand their business, and achieve their goals. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of having a chiropractic coach.

1. Personalised Guidance and Support:

One of the primary advantages of having a chiropractic coach is the personalised guidance and support they offer. They work closely with chiropractors to assess their individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals. By understanding these aspects, coaches can tailor their guidance to address specific areas that need improvement. Whether it's refining adjusting techniques, enhancing communication skills, or...

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The Person Who Earned The Referral, Needs To Receive The Referral


In this Craig discusses why, in a referral driven practice the person who earned the referral MUST receive it, and it's not why you think...

Craig discusses the ramifications of doing otherwise and highlights 3 key things that you can do in your practice immediately to begin increasing both retention and your internal referrals.

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Riding Out The Co-Vid 19 Storm. How Ready Are You?

coronavirus tips Mar 18, 2020

These are unprecedented times.

The Coronavirus is bringing a screeching halt to the entire globe. Not only is it a health crisis, it is looking as though it will be an even larger economic and social crisis as well.

There is fear and anxiety all around us. Your patients are looking to you for guidance and help. There is a real threat that the ability to physically contact them will be taken away for a time with the closure of your practice. What are you going to do about that?

In this video, I discuss what we are doing in our practice to be prepared for whatever scenario is about to unfold. We are sharing this freely to the profession to assist in helping people become the health leaders that this crisis is demanding.

They say a "Fail to plan is a plan for failure." What are you doing right now to improve the resilience of your business in the face of having to close your doors?

Join me as I share some key things that you need to do right now to be ready.

Please share this far and...

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The Importance Of Telling A Story.


In the "Art Of Inspiring Referrals" we discuss the use of telling stories of other patients success or of them overcoming challenges. The result of this is often of increasing the patient's confidence that they are in the best hands. 

Key things here are;

  • You need to be telling truthful stories- no porkies (lies)!
  • Be clear on the purpose of the story and ensure that is clearly what is being understood by the patient.
  • Shortlist your best stories and identify when they would be best used.

As always if you find this vlog useful please contact us and let us know how you went. For those who are interested in what it would mean to have one on one coaching with Craig please click here and set up a time to discuss with Craig your challenges and what you'd like to achieve.

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How We Employ Excellent Staff That Inspire Us!


Outside of rent, staff wages are usually any businesses greatest expense. At the same time, your staff are also your greatest asset! That is of course if you have chosen them well and then trained them accordingly.

Craig shares the secret of how he and his team choose excellent staff.

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Why Did You Call It Chiropractic Flight School?


Craig shares the background story of naming Chiropractic Flight School. (Filmed at Sydney Airport)

Interested in finding out more about coaching with Craig- CLICK HERE!

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The Power Of Words

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Filmed in Fiji on the back of a presentation at 'Fiji On Fire'- in this Vlog, Craig discusses how you can use 'Your Words' to change you old default patterns to those that are serving you. It's surprisingly simple- but we never said it was easy!

For those who are interested in learning more or wanting to contact Craig CLICK HERE.

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Foote's Rules of Engagement

It's quite clear that as a profession we have a wide range of opinions and experiences on what our particular focus should be. In preparing my ACP (Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers) I came across a book titled "Chiropractic Peace" Executive Editor William P McDonald. The book discussed the differing views of the broad spectrum of chiropractic in an informative and mature fashion- I'd recommend it if you would like to understand the thinking of the other 'camps.'

Then I got to thinking about the mudslinging that occurs in the profession that more often than not continues to polarise views whenever the two ends of the spectrum meet. 

Having successfully facilitated groups and clients for some years, I feel it would be appropriate to assist in you having conversations that are constructive and enlightening rather than inflammatory.

Personalise your opinion or observations.

Avoid making any universal statements such as,

You know when you see a patient...

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The Inconvenience Truth


In this Vlog, Craig guides you through 'The Inconvenience Truth.' It will assuredly make you look at your own practice with a new perspective. Remember this is INTENDED to challenge your thinking, and get you CLEARER on your own professional identity. Play along and you may just learn something about yourself. 

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