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Dr. Craig Foote

Craig is a chiropractor of over 20 years experience. He owns and operates Nervana Chiropractic Yokine with his wife Cath. He is one of the three Nervana Group founders. In 2012 he won a prestigious "40 under 40" award. He has been coaching chiropractors for the past 10 years and in recent times has been coaching under his label "Chiropractic Flight School." It is a mix of old-school coaching calls and online modules. He is currently coaching chiropractors in both Australia and New Zealand. Craig is also the current President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and is in practice at Yokine 3 1/2 days a week.







Cath Foote

Cath has been a Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager for the past 15 years. She has trained numerous CA's and Chiropractors. She has a business degree in marketing and a long line of customer service rolls including working as a flight attendant. Cath is the marketing and event co-ordinator around the Nervana Group. She is also an Associate Governor of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. In 2011 Cath was instrumental in Nervana Yokine being awarded Best Service Business from the Stirling Small Business Association with the Yokine clinic winning the overall Small Business of the Year for 2011.


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