Spend 8 entertaining and informative hours with Dr Craig Foote from Chiropractic Flight School as he shares his 20+ years of knowledge with many different facets of a chiropractic practice. Included in this online course is; ✅The Regular Office Visit Learn how to deliver a fantastic chiropractic adjustment that not only helps the patient but increases 'compliance' (and so results) and enables the chiropractor to run on time. ✅The Initial Consultation Learn how to do the most amazing consult that both gives you the information that you require to help the patient, but also impresses them with your professionalism. ✅The Examination Learn how to deliver the best examination that gives you critical information AND shows the patient that you're an expert and they've made a great choice in seeing you. ✅Communication Strategies Part 2 Learn how to do a deal with commonplace communication issues that arise in a chiropractic practice. ✅The RECAP Report of Findings Learn how to deliver a report of findings that is easily understood by the patient and makes clear agreements for the relationship going forward. ✅Communication Strategies Part 2 Learn how to recognise other's values quickly, and learn to speak to them to get your message across in the most impactful way possible ✅Attracting Prospective New Patients Learn how to successfully attract new patients to your practice, should you need to, without advertising. ✅Playing Bigger Get inspiration as to how to share the chiropractic paradigm with your patients. You will see real case studies about what happens when you help people through the process you've been taught. All presentions have quizzes associated with them to test your knowledge. ➕When bought as a package you will receive our popular "The Art Of Inspiring Referrals (VALUE$199) FREE.

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