The Art of Inspiring Referrals

In many countries chiropractors have strict restrictions around their advertising particularly in the use of testimonies as they have been known to give a sense of unrealistic expectations and benefits. Expectations that apparently, we just can’t consistently deliver on.

So we are left with WOM (Word of Mouth.)

This powerful referral tool often makes up anywhere between 70-100% of a practice’s source of new patients. Whilst many are turning towards Facebook advertising or SEO, at the end of the day most of your new patients will be coming from WOM (or referrals.) Even if they come in from marketing, what you DO in your practice will determine referrals from there.

So how do you go about inspiring referrals?

  • Is it what you say? Is there a script? A catch phrase?
  • Is it what you do in your practice? A procedure? A technique?
  • Is it the tone in your voice?
  • Is it the décor of your practice?
  • Is it determined by the patient themselves?

The short answer is…YES.

The art of inspiring referrals is dependent on several factors, all of which can be learnt and perfected. 

Introducing the “Art of Inspiring Referrals Workshop”- with Dr. Craig Foote.

In this course Dr. Foote will;

  • Give you key strategies that will increase your own patients referring to you without asking for it.
  • Address common referral challenges in real time and create customised solutions.
  • Teach you several ways of training a patient to become a great referrer.
  • Help you identify referral mavens and leverage them.
  • Show you ways to create a referral inspiring environment.
  • Show you how to take a patient from discussing possibly sending another in to making it happen.
  • Plus much more.

This is a recording of a 2 hour live workshop delivered in an entertaining and informative way. By the end of the 3 part course you will have a list of strategies that will allow you to be authentic in inspiring referrals from your patients- all without asking for them!

About Dr. Craig Foote.

Dr. Foote is a chiropractor with almost 20 years’ experience. He has one of the most successful practices in Perth Western Australia and has done so over the past 15 years. He is a co-founder of the Nervana Chiropractic Group which numbers currently 5 clinics in Perth. He is the founder of Chiropractic Flight School-a coaching service for chiropractors. He is the current President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and has won awards in both business and philanthropic achievements.


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