Chiropractic Flight School Black Box Recorder

Have you ever wondered what your practice looked like through other people’s eyes? Perhaps you would love to see what happens just before and after you’ve delivered your adjustment? Perhaps you’d like to know what happens in your waiting area when you’re busy seeing people? Maybe you just wanted to see how consistent your staff are with your practice procedures.

Well I’ve done it and it knocked my damn socks off!

I’ve had coaches before in my practice observing me and got a heap out of it. Let me be clear-it was as intimidating as hell, but I certainly grew a lot from it. I’ve had numerous chiropractors and clients observing me as well, but when there is another person in the room it changes the interaction that you have with the patient. The observer never quite sees the interaction that they are wanting to see by them being in the damn room!

 If only we could shrink down the coach (or the observer) to the size of a small cube, making them almost invisible. Then we would see what you REALLY DO in your practice and not what you think that you do.

I’ve always been fascinated with media, videoing and editing, and with my love of Chiropractic, I’ve created a way to see in your practice like no-one ever has before!

 I’d like to introduce Chiropractic Flight School’s (CFS) “Black Box”- it’s our version of a plane’s black box flight recorder!

Much like the plane’s Black Box records everything important that went on before a plane went down, CFS Black Box follows your entire clinic over a day BEFORE your practice crashes and burns!!

What is Black Box?

Black Box is a series of mini wide-angle cameras that we have you distribute around your practice where you would like to see patient interaction with your staff. Usually these are set up at reception and one in each adjusting space. The cameras are specially set up and then left to run for up to 8-9 hours if required. You simply then post back the Black Box and we then run it through software than “aligns” the footage so we then can “follow” a patient interaction as they pass through your clinic. This in itself is priceless as many chiropractors never have seen what happens outside of their rooms. Once edited you then receive a copy for review purposes.

My team and I then analyze the footage and make notes about the interactions and give informed recommendations. I deliver these in 2x1 Hour recorded video conference call.

A document is created encompassing the recommendations.

You receive;

  • A copy of the edited video
  • A 2x 1 hour video conference call (recorded for your benefit)
  • A CFS statement of recommendations (document)

Note: For Chiropractors based in Australia or New Zealand only. International Chiropractors please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.


Are patients informed of the recording?

YES- a sign is displayed at the front of the practice and should a patient not want to be videoed the camera in question is covered.

Do you have the cameras in rooms where patients get changed?

NO! At no point should cameras be in a room where patients are getting changed. If that is something that is commonplace in your clinic in an area where you want to see interaction occur, you will need to reconsider the procedures for that day to avoid that. At no point do we want to see any nudity or breaches in their privacy.

Are the videos then made public?

Videos are for your training purposes only and so are only viewed by our team for your benefit.





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