My Life as Lighthouse

I was a buoy which had lost its mooring. My direction went with the tide, dependant on factors external to myself. I went this way and that to make others happy and content. I was tired both physically and emotionally.

I then observed that all the greatest chiropractors, (or for that matter world leaders) had one thing in common; they were all lighthouses. Rock solid standing up against the elements with their unrelenting bright light. Now the thing about lighthouses is that they are dependable. Ships use them for guidance away from danger. Some ships may have another destination and will pass it by, however many will use its guiding light to find safety.

Buoys without moorings are useless to ships. They could be floating over rocks or a deep channel but the ships are never sure- loose buoys are dangerous!

Now I consider myself a lighthouse.

Steadfast in my beliefs and in the services I provide. People who don’t wish for my services (ships with other destinations) will pass on, however they respect my position and know fully where I stand. Often they return later seeking the light that I offer, knowing that I will always be there. Many people see my light and use it for guidance into safer water, trusting it and knowing it to be true.

So I ask you to be a lighthouse, light up your people. Be steadfast. Make a stand. Until you do you will be forever bobbing with the tide being of very little benefit to humanity.


Let Chiropractic be your light.


Dr Craig Foote (Chiropractor) 2003


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