Riding Out The Co-Vid 19 Storm. How Ready Are You?

coronavirus tips Mar 17, 2020

These are unprecedented times.

The Coronavirus is bringing a screeching halt to the entire globe. Not only is it a health crisis, it is looking as though it will be an even larger economic and social crisis as well.

There is fear and anxiety all around us. Your patients are looking to you for guidance and help. There is a real threat that the ability to physically contact them will be taken away for a time with the closure of your practice. What are you going to do about that?

In this video, I discuss what we are doing in our practice to be prepared for whatever scenario is about to unfold. We are sharing this freely to the profession to assist in helping people become the health leaders that this crisis is demanding.

They say a "Fail to plan is a plan for failure." What are you doing right now to improve the resilience of your business in the face of having to close your doors?

Join me as I share some key things that you need to do right now to be ready.

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